Mak’s life tunnel

Mak’s life tunnel

Let’s call this Mak’s life tunnel. Actions go in on the first end, results get out on the other end and hit you in the face.
What ever you put in as an action comes out as a result. Put in words you will only get echoes. Put in low quality actions it will come out as bad quality results. Put in great quality actions you will harvest amazing results. 

Every now and then when you put a low quality action and high quality results, don’t think that this result what you harvested from such action. The tunnel would have been clogged with a good quality result from action you have previously taken. And vice versa. You are only rewarded with what you feed the tunnel. Never think that bad quality actions will pass, it is only a clog and will come out at utmost speed when you least expect it.
Practice 1- always put good quality actions in, never compromise on the details. 

Practice 2- always put in action with passion and the right positive energy to avoid having the result stuck in the tunnel. 

Practice 3- clean your tunnel to avoid skeletons, insist on the result (good or bad).

Observation 1- you control your tunnel.

Observation 2- you are only. Victim of your own actions or the decision to allow someone to mess or feed your tunnel.

Now always be committed to acting consistently. Never sit on the result end waiting for a result without action. The only result that can come out is because of an action done by others. 

Consistency is key, momentum allows you to keep on track. 

Imagine you are feeding the tunnel with tennis balls. Once you feed 10 at the same time with full speed and then you fill one at a time every 2 seconds with an average speed. You will miss some you will be hit by some. 

A victim you are not, unless a victim you ought to be.

Makram Hani