in Property transactions apx.


Average IRR through bust and boom, 9.8% with IRRs reaching as high as 38%


Average portfolio performance annually.
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I am the Founder and CEO of Arms &McGregor International Group® including Arms &McGregor Leisure, Vacations, Investments and Realty ®. Aside of running Arms &McGregor International Realty ® I am also the Founder of BBP a specialist media agency and have cofounded other Real estate brokerages similar to Morgan’s International Realty and Clemson porter Properties. I believe in human potential, most of our companies have been built around very successful, ethical individuals, who are experts in their field. The best investment i have ever done was in a human being, and for those who are transparent long term investors this is the best investment any one can ever do. I am a published author with 3 books one of which is an Amazon best seller and more than 200 articles on the subjects of Real estate, Investments, Sales, and life coaching. What impact do i wish to create. I have invested and helped investors and home owners for years to do the right purchases and sales to achieve their investment targets. I have trained, empowered, and hopefully inspired many young ladies and gents to build wealth, create careers, and achieve emotional and financial freedom. I hope you enjoy the episodes and the supporting reads. I will look forward for your comments, feedback, engagement, and questions.

انا ‏المؤسس والرئيس التنفيذي لشركة ارمز إند مكريغوز الدولية للعقارات. بالإضافة إلى ‏إدارة شركة ارمز إند مكريغوز الدولية انا المؤسس لشركة وهي وكالة اعلامية متخصصة، كما اني ‏شريك مؤسس في العديد من الشركات العقارية ‏مثل مورغانز ‏انترناشنل وكلمسن بورتر BBP ‏أنا أؤمن ‏بالقوة الإنسانية ‏فأن معظم مؤسساتنا ‏ ‏بنيت حول اشخاص ‏ذوي أخلاق مهنية عالية، ناجحين، ‏وأصحاب اختصاص. ‏من افضل الاستثمارات التي قمت بها حتى الان كان في الإنسان ولذلك أقول لأولائك الذين ‏يؤمنون بالاستثمارات طويلة الأمد ‏الإنسان هو افضل استثمار يستطيعون القيام به. من منشوراتي ثلاث كتب احتل احدها المركز الأول للكتب الأكثر مبيعا واكثر من مأتي مقال ‏تناولت فيها الاستثمار العقاري ‏خصوصا ، والاستثمارات عموما ومبادئ ‏البيع ‏والتدريب الحياتي. ‏خلال اكثر من عقد من الزمن استثمرت ‏وقدمت الاستشارات للمستثمرين ومالكي العقارات للقيام بأفضل عمليات الشراء والبيع لتحقيق الاهداف الاستثمارية،‏وأن شاء الله اكون قد ‏الهمت الكثير من ‏‏الشباب والشابات ‏لبناء ثرواتهم ‏وتحسين سيرتهم المهنية وتحقيق ‏حريتهم المالية و السيكولوجية.

Arms & McGregor International Realty
Arms &McGregor International Realty® is a prestigious real estate agency led by a dynamic executive team with over a decade thriving experience and acclaimed success in property sales, new development marketing, leasing, and property management services. Innovative, experienced and built on strong business principles, Arms &McGregor International Realty® is perfectly poised to deliver vivid results in today’s relentless changing real estate market. “Our business is beyond properties, our business is people.” Arms &McGregor International Realty®s approach is all-encompassing yet remarkably simple; we dedicate equal attention and resources to every sell, buy or lease, while striving to add value to our clients’ projects by creating new business opportunities. We recognize that the common thread in each and every real estate transaction is a client with different needs: exceptional customer service, professional guidance throughout the process, expertise of local and international market, and transparency of information. Arms &McGregor International Realty® embraces these needs and works diligently to cater to them on every level of its business. Understanding that each transaction is different, we continually develop new and innovative methods and approaches to ensure the best possible results are achieved for all our clients. While we are an absolute results driven agency, these results do not come at the cost of honesty, integrity and exceptional service and customer care.
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