Be part of our consortium

Who gets first hand access to the best deal in the market, any market? The party transporting the goods from point A to point B.

Here you are talking to a property transporter, officially called a broker.

There are great customers whom we advise, and there is those customers who want to walk all the way with us.

How does it work.

  1. We sense a deal that we are interested to buy into. (may be one or plenty of properties, usually it is plenty.)
  2. We sense interest from those who are consortium investors.
  3. We negotiate the deal to get the best possible deal.
  4. We confirm back to the parties the final price and terms.
  5. Each party confirms his interest and takes the process forward.

Remember each investor keeps all his money in his account. We never collect money from any investor.

We never pool money or introduce partnerships on a property. Each buyer buys on his own, pays the seller directly, gets his title deed on to his name.

The benefits of being in a consortium

The ability to negotiate a bigger deal that an individual can.

The ability to source a better price.

All of the above while each investor has a full freedom on how and what to do with his property.

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Makram Hani



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