Portfolio Advisory

For the selected few who own real estate portfolios or plan to build one, I am sure you are aware of the below.

Selecting the right property is very important.

Taking forward a property purchase may have it’s own challenges.

Taking care of property has crucial impact on the quality and sustainability of your returns.

Deciding what to hold and what to liquidate is a complex process.

Doing this for few property stands as a full time job.

You can always employ few people full time and manage them. Are you sure you want to manage them not your core business.

Alternatively you can contact me to manage the above for you.

I approach your investment in an objective scientific manner far from emotion.

You take the choices I give the advice.

Think about the cost of employing me or someone who has my qualification and track record full time. Nah bad idea, any way you will not need to think about this anymore.

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