Commercial negotiation

Commercial negotiation

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6% of 160,000,000 USD equals 9,600,000 USD

If that is significant to you in your business, I’m pleased to share with you that this is the additional value our client ( a German Civil engineering company) achieved using our negotiation support services. The total cost they paid for the service was 50,000 USD +0.2% of the total project value. Imagine what does that amount resemble as a percentage of the profit.

Our client (A Saudi developer) assigned us to negotiate with owners in a struggling project. Result 19,000,000 USD in savings and 210 of 290 clients reached amicable settlement.

Our Turkish Sanitary ware manufacturing client saved 1,800,000 USD negotiating a one off transaction. The same client pleased with the service assigned us to negotiate another transaction to try and exit a deal while reducing the penalties which could have been in access of 20,000,000 USD. The deal was closed with a penalty of 4 million USD in cash and around 5 million USD in product. Savings a minimum of 11 million USD, if we consider the product valued at cost.

We stand supporting you in a transaction after ruling out any possible conflict of interest. We can be considered as part of your team. Remember we are not here to replace lawyers or CFOs as we are neither, We stand to supplement and compliment your existing team. We are confident of our abilities, which is why when we accept a negotiation task the biggest part of our fee is a variable paid in success, while the fixed part paid is mostly cost covering.

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