Sell a property and pay on successful sale

Sell a property and pay on successful sale only?

Get in touch today for a service that meets the below:

Our process:
We will estimate what your property is worth, and understand how fast and how much do you wish to achieve for it.

We will advise you on the right approach to achieve what you are looking for, or inform you transparently if it is not possible.

Market your property through our group agencies  who will spread it to all brokers in the market and offer it through multiple channels.

Negotiate the property price and terms of sale for you.

You will get a hassle free service and a transparent approach.

Your property will be offered to the market at a unified price and through a unified approach as we only accept and offer exclusively listed property.

What do we charge:
We will always charge a 2% success fee when find you the right buyer.



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